Madison visited us for an ultrasound awhile back.  She wrote us and sent photos a couple of weeks ago.  Her little girl, Rogue, was born six weeks premature and is doing fine now.   Madison said that Rogue spent eight days in the NICU at Miami Valley, but is Rogue is “doing wonderful! Growing like a weed! She’s happy and healthy and 2 months old today!”
We asked Madison if we could tell her story (and Rogue’s) as part of our support of the March of Dimes observance of World Prematurity Day, which is today, Nov 17.  Go to their website to learn more (we would put the link to MOD here, but FB keeps flagging us every time we try.)
Thanks to the NICU team at Miami Valley and hospitals everywhere for the care you provide to little ones like Rogue – and to their wonderful Moms- like Madison.
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