We have been offering Sneak Peek clinical gender determinations for several years now with the ability to determine gender as early as seven weeks. Sneak Peek has now made it easier than ever to take that test. With their new system called Snap, we are able to draw a tiny bit of blood with a device that feels just like a pin prick. The new breakthrough Snap device makes collecting your sample easy and pain free. We just press it on your arm and you’re good to go!

Tiny needles = no pain

SneakPeek Snap microneedles are just the width of a human hair, 1/5 the width of the lancet blade. The microneedles only reach the epidermis, where there are fewer nerve endings, so virtually no pain is felt with SneakPeek Snap.

The better way to learn gender

SneakPeek’s breakthrough blood collection innovation makes collecting your sample a Snap! We just place Snap on your arm, press the button, and you can relax while your sample is collected in 1-4 minutes. 90% of customers find using SneakPeek Snap to be completely painless.

It’s easier than ever to find out the gender of your new little one.

Results are emailed to in a few days. Set up an appointment today.

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